Question on build-wrapper-win-x86

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We are upgrading sonarqube 7.9.3 version to 8.9.9 version. We are upgrading the scanners also.

Currently i see the build-wrapper-winx86 file present in jenkins.
Do we need to generate new build-wrapper-winx86 file with new version? Can we continue to use the same file?

Hi @Asarudeen_S,

You should download the build-wrapper from your server. You shouldn’t use an old build-wrapper executablr with a new SonarQube server.

Note that the release of a new LTS, 9.9, is expected on 7 Feb 2023.


Thanks Abbas for the response.

Does sonarqube 8.9.9 supports .NET 6 ?

Hi @Asarudeen_S,

We prefer to keep one subject per post. This way, the expert on the subject can help you.

You can check the doc of SonarQube 8.9 here: SonarQube 8.9. If it doesn’t help feel free to create another post.


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