SAML from AWS identity center

We wanted to configure SAML for sonarqube login from AWS identity center.
Our sonar is hosted in k8s having AWS load balancer at the front.

It does give error like this.

2024.05.09 12:27:08 DEBUG web[AY9dM4RKy+fQ44h7AAJQ][auth.event] login failure [cause|Cookie 'OAUTHSTATE' is missing][method|OAUTH2][provider|EXTERNAL|AWS SAML][IP||][login|]

Can anyone please share documentation if there is any, which we can refer to configure SAML with AWS identity center.



Welcome to the community!

We don’t have docs specifically for SAML with AWS Identity Center, but maybe the SAML docs will help anyway.


Hey Ann,

I’ve tried setting it up with all the possible cases. Still it is not working.
Is it possible to give a try from sonar end and provide the steps. I’ve tried with all possibilities with the SAML attributes and configs.

It would be helpful if you provide the config details for AWS SAML with IAM identity center.


Hi Karthik,

We’ve provided details for a few of the most popular providers, but this really isn’t our area of expertise.