Sonarqube version 9.9 community addition integration with AWS SSO

Dear Representative,

We want to integrate SSO with SAML authentication on our sonarqube server

Sonarqube version : SonarQube ID information
Server ID: 4B2D8F35-AW-fOPVggAQ4Si3GgYVl
Date: 2024-01-31

We are using community version.

Can we integrate AWS SSO with community edition or is there any limitation.

All the steps has been followed same as mentioned in the provided document

In IAM identity center, we have created a custom SAML application named as sonarqube, performed all the settings as mentioned in the above document. still, we are not moving ahead with the SSO signin with the url. Can you please assist here.

Thanks & Regards,
Garima Goyal

Hey there.

SAML integration is supported with Community Edition. The setup is documented here – and should work with any SAML provider (although we have explicit documentation for a few, like KeyCloak, Okta, Azure AD…)

What have you tried so far and how far have you gotten? What errors are you receiving?