Rider support for SonarLint

Hi Julien, thanks for your reply. If I’m not mistaken, the current approach is to add the analyzer to every project. We have a very large Legacy app, and modern and new bits around this legacy application. There are many solutions and a ton of projects.
We need the connected mode to easily manage rules across such a diverse code base, with multiple teams (legacy/customizing/modernization) having very different rules that are enforced by SonarQube.
There are build processes and sonar qube analyzers running on our build servers.
Due to the complex nature of the matter, even the JetBrains annotation package is sometimes causing issues on our build agents.

The reported issues from SonarQube are complimentary to Riders inspections. We use both on our build servers. While a few reported code smells conflict between rider and sonarlint they mostly focus on other things. The code smell reports of the roslyn analyzers work just fine, and as expected, and the impact on the IDE seemed fine (but I only tested it on a small portion).


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What is the status of this? I’m in a C#/.net core project which uses Sonarlint and I’d like to do my development on linux. At the moment I seem to have no way to run Sonarlint on Linux side since cli was deprecated few years ago.

I tried the nuget Roslyn analyzer on Rider but couldn’t get it to work yet.


seconded, would be great to know what’s going on here. We’re just modernizing our development process and for reasons stated above the missing sonarlint integration is highly appreciated. Please make this happen! :slight_smile:

+1 for SonarLint integrated into JetBrains Rider.

+1 for SonarLint integrated into JetBrains Rider.

+1 for SonarLint integrated into JetBrains Rider.

Guys, please do it!

+1 for this!

+1 for this.
How many more votes do you need to do this? Please do it.

+1 please. I hope you will do that. It will help a lot.

More and more people are using Rider

and me - would love this - using the JB eco-system, big drawback not having the plugin for Rider

+1 for me too. Recently switched to Rider from VS 2019. VS 2019 together with Resharper is almost unusable.


What is the status of this?

The support of Rider for SonarLint is something we are definitely looking at. Although I cannot share an ETA for the time being (Rider support is is not in our short-term priority list), we are tracking this feature request (and the votes that we receive for it) and we will certainly take those inputs into account when we review our priorities.


+1 for me as well! Would speed up the dev flow by a lot.

+1 for me as well! thanks

Since Rider is our primary IDE, we would like to see official SonarLint support.



+1 for me!