Requesting inclusion into Marketplace for sonar-build-breaker

Hi team,

The sonar-build-breaker plugin has been in the Marketplace before, but was removed due to lack of maintenance. Since then, maintainership has been transferred to us (thread) and we’ve been working on making it compatible with the latest SonarQube versions and addressing the issue backlog. We’ve just released sonar-build-breaker 2.3.1 and would love for it to be included in the Marketplace again.

Some notes:

  • I’m not sure if we should change the maven group id to no longer include the old “org.sonarqubecommunity”
  • I realize in the past there were discussions about whether breaking builds is a good solution, and Sonarsource has suggested different approaches. As it stands, at least our company and seemingly others do prefer this approach. But if you consider it misaligned with the goal of SonarQube, feel free to state so and decline a spot in the Marketplace.


I want to check internally before I answer on this. It will be a few days. Just know that you’re not being ignored. And thanks for your understanding attitude. :smiley:

Assuming we go forward, this is up to you. The reason to keep the old id would be continuity (the Marketplace suggesting the upgrade) for folks who had the old version installed. But I think the plugin has been long enough out of the marketplace that this isn’t an issue.



I’m going to move forward with this. Since it’s a re-inclusion, I think I want to do a quick re-test. Remind me: must I have a Jenkins instance set up, or can I do this adequately from the command line?


Hi Ann,

the Forbidden Configuration Build Breaker feature of the sonar-build-breaker-plugin
is very interesting. Think of security / QA requesting to prevent specific settings !?


Hi @ganncamp,

Thanks for the heads-up in your initial reply and for moving forward with this now.
You do not need Jenkins, the plugin is completely independent of any CI framework, it simply breaks your Sonar analysis at the end if the quality gate is violated. I.e. you can easily test it by running an analysis locally against a Sonarqube instance with installed plugin.


Hi Sandro,

Sorry for the delay. We’re good to go except for a change I need in your PR. I made two comments. One is optional.


I’ve merged your update. You’re in!


Hi @ganncamp, :tada: many thanks for the feedback and inclusion! I was able to install it from the marketplace on a local instance without any problems.