Request for the return of inline comments in PR Conversation Tab

Per the blog post, this feature was removed in-lieu of adding sonar reporting to the Github PR Checks tab, but this is very annoying, especially when we’re still waiting for the release of the tighter integration between private Github organizations and SonarCloud organizations (i.e. if my developer hasn’t yet had their github account manually associated with the SonarCloud organization, they may struggle to view the problem Sonar has found).

Here’s what this used to look like for reference:

Since yesterday, org membership synchronization can be done automatically. See Synchronize your members with GitHub in your SonarCloud organization.

I fully understand that this was quite annoying for developers not yet onboarded on SonarCloud. Thanks to this sync feature, this friction should no longer be an issue. Can you confirm it’s working on your end?

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Fabrice, thanks for the great update! Automatic group member sync with github appears to work fine, but the one suggestion I would give is that setting that up for an existing SonarCloud organization takes one more step (after binding the organization) of configuring it on the “Members” page that is not mentioned in the blog post you referred to. It looks like this:


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Hi Rick,

Thank you for your feedback and we are happy to hear that it’s working fine for you :slight_smile:

I re-organized the announcement so that it’s clearer that activating member synchronization on an existing organization needs 2 steps :slight_smile: