Replace all tab characters in this file by sequences of white-spaces - Error in SonarCloud T-SQL

Can Any One help here what is this error

Hi Prakash,

In what context is this error appearing? To help you we would need more information.

Hi Peeter,

Here is my script where I have facing this issue. like this it is appearing in stored procedure and view as well.

CREATE TABLE [bol].[BillOfLadingRiskScore](
2 [BillOfLadingRiskScoreId] [bigint] IDENTITY(1,1) NOT NULL,
3 [BillOfLadingScreeningId] [bigint] NOT NULL,
4 [TargetingTypeId] [tinyint] NOT NULL,
5 [RiskLevelId] [tinyint] NOT NULL,
6 [TargetingWeightagePoints] [smallint] NULL,
7 [HitCount] [smallint] NULL,
8 [ScreeningDate] datetime2 NOT NULL,
9 [IsPOLVerified] [bit] NULL,
10 [IsPODVerified] [bit] NULL,
11 [IsHQVerified] [bit] NULL
12 ) ON [PS_BillOfLadingRiskScore] (ScreeningDate)
13 GO

Just to be clear. You are saying this is an issue identified by SonarCloud in your T-SQL code? Can you post a screenshot of the issue as it appears in the SonarCloud interface?

It looks like you are using tab characters for indentation and the system is telling you to replace those with spaces. Have you tried doing that?

Not sure, its showing more than 50 tables the same issue now
what will be the solution. do i need to format the script? or is there any other easiest way?

I suggest you run your code through a formatter or do a search and replace changing each tab to four spaces (or whatever the standard is in your organization).

Thanks for your time. Will take care