Releasability Rating Treemap not Colored

Sonarqube v8.4.1
The treemap view for Releasability Rating for any portfolio is all gray, instead of colored like the other measures are. Is this expected?

I would think if the releasability rating for a portfolio is calculated based on the pass/fail rate of the project’s quality gates, then the treemap should be red and green?


Welcome to the community, and nice catch!

If you had a portfolio made up of sub-portfolios, you’d be seeing colors here. But at the project level, a boolean Pass/Fail is assigned, rather than a 5-point-scale Rating. That’s why this defaults to grey.

What should be happening… well, I’ve referred this internally. Hopefully I’ll be able to come back to you soon.


Hi G Ann,

Thank you so much! Please let me know when you get an update on this :slight_smile:

Thank you!