The indicators for Code Smells and Duplication display the wrong color in the project list view

We have a quality gate says that any Critical or Blocker issues are a failure, or where duplication is > 3% is also a failure.

The project below has both of these failing conditions as can be seen in the top image of the main branch. The image below it is from the project list. That shows the project as failing the quality gate. Seeing as everything in that record shows green except Security Hotspots, I checked in there but there is only one minor issue and Security Hotspots arent part of the QG. The things that are failing the quality gate are actually code smells (16 critical) and duplication (3.0%). These should both show as RED on the project list display and not as GREEN.

It would be fine if the Duplication was at least YELLOW since its on the borderline, but showing as a clear GREEN is misinforming those who browse the list. At least it shows the correct percentage. Code Smells displaying an A grade is incorrect and misleading.


In fact, the metrics that are shown on the projects page aren’t directly tied to the Quality Gate conditions. They’re the metrics we believe are important to project health, and the indicators we show there reflect the health on that axis, rather than anything related to the QG status.

That said, this is valuable insight & I’m going to flag this thread for team attention so they can take your perspective into account the next time they reconsider this part of the UI.


It seems natural and obvious that users would expect to see how the projects meet their expectations and configuration. Unless I’m using Sonar’s OOB settings/config, your opinion of my code is not relevant.

I’m still waiting for font to be of a size I can see on the new UI. Something like that should be easy and its not done, so I dont hold much hope that this will be addressed =/.

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