Portfolio View to Source Code

Hi -
Does anyone know how to drill down from a metrics change in SonarQube Portfolio view to the actual code driving the change ? I mean is there a simple way to Navigate , seems like there isn’t . Please confirm.


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The measures page works just the same in a portfolio as it does in a project. How about a screenshot of where you’re trying to start from.


First - apologies for the slow response - the ticket was actually opened on my behalf. Having said that, I am attaching a screenshot (edited for privacy) showing the area. When I see that my letter grade went down (in this case yesterday), my first question is “what changed in the code base that caused that drop”. I can’t figure out how to click from here to the actual code changes that caused this.

Screen Shot 2020-02-18 at 1.22.28 PM


Just so you know, the letter grades and the colors go together, so even after you blank out the letters, I can look at the colors in my own instance and know that you’re at B, previously at A. :smile:


Each rating in a portfolio is an average of the ratings of the underlying projects. For releasability, the underlying measure is boolean (does the project pass its QG?) so you could click through on the projects that failed to see the ones pulling down your average. Unfortunately, that’s not going to tell you which particular projects Failed since yesterday. For that you’ll have to drill down to the projects themselves and look at their events. But is has to be those particular projects.

Does this help?


Good point on the colors. :slight_smile:

We’ve got a lot of projects in this case, so it is a lot of clicking. I was hoping there might be a one-click solution, but at least this way I know I’m not missing something. Thank you again for your speedy response! :slight_smile: