Recommend PostgreSQL Version for SonarQube

SonarQube Version - Version 7.1 (build 11001)
PostgreSQL Version - 9.5.22

We are on SonarQube Version 7.1 and using 9.5.22 PostgreSQL Version which is going to expire soon. So we would like to know what is the best PostgreSQL Version which can be updated for SonarQube Version 7.1 so that the version can be supported for a longer time period.

Hello @jrubin and welcome to the community :wave:

Sonarqube 7.1 is EOL since a long time now. you should upgrade your sonarqube version (at least 7.9.x which is our current LTS or 8.5.1) as well as you Postgresql version while you are already upgrading things. You can find additional information about the procedure in our upgrade guide and about the Postgresql versions that are supported, there is a list in our requirements documentation (for 7.9 and for latest)

hope that helps

Thank You @Tobias_Trabelsi
We don’t have enough time to upgrade SonarQube from 7.1 tp 7.9.x right now.
We are planning to upgrade PostgreSQL version from 9.5.22 to 9.6.19 as sonar v7.1 supports only till PostgreSQL v9.x.
Do you know if there is any impact on upgrading postgreSQL from 9.5.22 to 9.6.19.

Hi @jrubin ,

as we do not test this combination (Postgres 9.6.19 was only released recently and 7.1 is EOL so out of our test scope), i can not give you a guarantee that there are no side effects, but in theory it should work.

In any case you should create a backup before doing the update so that you could roll back if needed and push for a SQ update rather soon. We will release a new LTS probably in Q1 2021 and the more you delay your upgrade the more hassle it will bring.

hope that helps and good luck