Rate limits changing for SonarCloud APIs

Hi all,

On Monday, April 24th we’ll adjust rate limits on some SonarCloud APIs in order to ensure that we can continue to operate the service smoothly and with optimum performance.

There should be no impact on routine analysis.

The primary impacts will be on scripts that rapidly make repeated API requests. Unfortunately, users who share a proxy with such scripts may also be impacted in their use of the SonarCloud UI. If you find yourself in this situation, please wait a few minutes and try again. If you are the owner of an impacted script, consider adding some sleeps to your loops. :smiley:

Ann & the SonarCloud Team

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We have a few scripts that communicate with the API. We have a few questions:

  • are there a header in the http responses that we can use to figure out the current rate limit and when it resets?
  • is there documentation on the rater limits and how they are calculated?
  • is there a different rate limit for paying customers vs free customers?


There’s not a different rate for paid versus free users.

As long as your request rate is reasonable, you should be fine.


Hi Ann, thanks for the clarification.

Per my prior post is the actual rate limit documented? For example GitHub documents their API rate limit as well as how to check the current usage and limits. It would be quite useful to know the limits so that we can take the information into account when designing our internal tools.

Hi @sodul,

The rates aren’t currently documented, but it’s an excellent point and we’ve put it on the list. So you know, the changes we’re implementing are in response to some abuse, and it’s likely that we’ll further adjust them going forward. That said, if you can keep it to under 1k requests per minute, you should be good. :smiley:

Does that help?



This morning all of our SonarCloud GitHub Actions (GitHub - SonarSource/sonarcloud-github-action: Integrate SonarCloud code analysis to GitHub Actions) have started failing with the message “Please retry analysis of this Pull-Request directly on SonarCloud”

Is this related to the rate limit change?


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Hello @AndySmith ,

We have an ongoing incident related to GitHub Actions: SonarCloud Status - SonarCloud - GitHub actions is failing with NodeJS 12 error. It should not be related to the rate limits change.


I’m 100% supportive of rate limits, a lot of engineers do forget that SaaS is backed by real hardware even it abstracted by containers, clouds, or other scaling solutions.

At the moment our API calls to SonarCloud are only triggered once a week, and they should only be a few dozen calls, maybe a few hundred, total, per run.

Thanks for the clarification.