Organization repos don't appear to be scanning

Howdy everyone,

I’m an organization administrator and have been getting reports from repo owners in the org that SonarCloud scanning hasn’t be working over the past couple of days. I can’t find anything persay that would point to an error or a scan limit.

More details:

SCM: git/github
Org: bcgov

It appears that most orgs had a SonarCloud github check to run a code scan when a PR is updated/opened.

Anyone else experiencing an issue like this?


Welcome to the community!

The only limit I’m aware of is the number of lines of code analyzed in private organizations. When an analysis exceeds the allowed limit, there should be a clear message on the project’s page in SonarCloud.

I’m not aware of any lost analyses or incidents that could have the effect you describe.

In order to investigate the issue, we need more details: how do you run the scan, what happens, complete error messages, command / log outputs, and so on.