Sonarcloud-github-action registry hitting rate limit

Hello Sonar Community! We are facing an issue with docker registry rate limits on sonarcloud-github-action since it’s pointing to It would be amazing to either set the Dockerfile to point to or have the possibility to set a different registry as a parameter within the action.



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Are you using SonarQube or SonarCloud?


Hi Ann! Glad to be here!

We are using SonarCloud


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Hello @naldrey,

Thank you for reaching out. We’ll study your suggestion and see how we can move forward.
What is the exact limitation rate that you are experiencing today?


Hello Nawar!

As we currently do not possess an enterprise Docker license for our GitHub Actions, we encounter a custom limitation of 200 image pulls every 6 hours. Consequently, considering that this setup is intended for use with GitHub Actions, it would be a good decision to move to The registry does not impose any rate limits on image pulls related to GitHub Actions. It’s worth noting that several other projects have already made this transition, such as hadolint, as evident in this commit: Update hadolint to 2.10 · hadolint/hadolint-action@169ddcf · GitHub

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Hello @naldrey,

We’ve created a ticket to our backlog and we’ll try to investigate this feature in the future. Unfortunately, we cannot take quick action today to do that.
Thank you for your understanding!