Does Web API have rate limit?


I am wondering if there is rate limit for using the web api.
If there is, how many web api calls can I request per hour?
I could not find any documents regarding this.

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Hello Jung-Hyun,

What is the use-case you have in mind?

Hello Dinesh Bolkensteyn,

I would like to scan every pull request of a project, get issues, and analyze the issues to identify characteristics of pull requests that generate issues. The purpose of this is to share the analysis results with developers of the project, and I hope to make good development practices for the project.
I do not want to make a problem by requesting many web api calls in a short time, so that is why I asked the question.

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Thanks for your answer.

How many web services calls per minute do you anticipate this to translate into?

Here are some pointers that can help you optimize your scenario:

  1. SonarCloud has the capability to decorate pull requests. This sounds very much related to your use-case to me and so worth checking out.
  2. SonarCloud can call webhooks back upon analysis completion, so that you do not have to poll it.
  3. The Web API can be used to fetch or update multiple issues with a single call. Have look at the Web API documentation to make sure you make the most efficient use of them.

I think at most 0.3 calls per minute.

Thank you for the information. For the future pull requests, we can use the features.

0.3 looks more like an average rather than a peak number of requests per minute :slight_smile:

If you send 432 requests per day, your average calls per minute will be equal to 432 / (24 * 60) = 0.30 requests per minute. If the calls are uniformly distributed over the entire day, then your peak is at 1 request per minute: There will be 1 request made every 3.33 minutes. However, if those 432 requests are all sent within the same minute, then the peak rate is at 432 requests per minute.

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