Question - How to use existing SQ Enterprise license for new prod SQ environment

I have one question, we have one existing prod environment.

But we created a new prod environment we migrated the whole data to a new prod environment. But what we can do with the license. How we can use the same license.

Can we copy and paste the same license, or is there any other way to use it?

We are planning to decommission the old prod instance after the new one works fine.
Can you help us to figure out how we can do that?


You say you’ve moved to a new prod environment. Is that just the server, or have there been database changes too? If you’ve only changed the server, then your move should be absolutely transparent, license-wise. If you’ve changed the database (JDBC URL) then you’ll probably need a new license & I’m sure your sales contact will be happy to help you with that.


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Thank you, Ann. I will reach out to them.

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