SonarQube Enterprise License


we had purchased Sonarqube Enterprise License for 10M LOC and applied the license for Dev environment. Now we are setting up sonarqube enterprise for test environment and when we use the same license it says license doesn’t match with serverID.

My Question is can’t we use the same license for multiple environments and each environment having its own serverID and also each env they have their own Database.

Please advise.

Welcome :slightly_smiling_face:

AFAIK the Enterprise Edition includes
1 license for the production instance
2 licenses for test instances

Every license is issued for a specific serverId, it’s not possible to use the
same license for multiple / different Sonarqube servers.

The license mail from your Sonarsource sales manager should contain 3 licenses,
one for each serverid.
If problems or further questions you can send an email to your sales contact or
use Contact | Sonar

It’s not possible to share one database for multiple Sonarqube instances,
each Sonarqube instance has to have its own dedicated database.
The builtin h2 database should not be used in production.


Thank you Gilbert