How to migrate the SQ Prod licence

Hi all.

We are in the process of migration our productive Sonarqube instance from one tenant to another. The versions will be different as well as the databases types.
I was told that we are not allowed to have more than one productive instance at a time.
We want to achive the minimum downtime possible as to not affect our teams. How should we migrate the licence for the productive instance?

We already have the new Prod instance up and its setup is almost completed. We configured it using a stagging licence since it is not scanning anything yet.

Should I just request a new licence for the new prod instance Server ID and then just swap them at the migration time or is there another recommended way to do it?

Thank you in advance.


Are you using a commercial edition of SonarQube? If so, you’ll need to work with your sales contact to get a license for the new instance once the DB URL changes.

So you’re changing both the DB engine and the SonarQube version at the same time?

I would:

  • Install the upgraded SonarQube at the new server. Do not spin it up yet
  • Use the DB Copy tool to migrate to your new DB engine
  • Point your existing instance of SonarQube at your migrated DB to make sure everything came across okay. Then shut it down
  • Point your upgraded SonarQube at your moved DB and turn it on.
  • Perform the DB upgrade step in the upgrade steps

These instructions assume you’re not upgrading across LTS versions.