Issues migrating a SonarQube installation from MacOS to Linux


(Rushsimonson) #1

We have a license that we purchased for Swift and Objective-C. I am migrating the SonarQube instance to AWS. I have the same version installed, I took a mysqldump of the original instance and used that for the new install. On the old instance I have a license plugin and therefore have the option to install a license. I have reached out to the representative who sold us to license and asked for assistance installing the license and they told us we need to pay for support. I just want to install the licenses we paid for.

When I attempt to install the plugins it is telling me that I need a Enterprise Edition. However we were sold licenses for the Developer Edition. I would appreciate any help or guidance from the community on this issue.


(G Ann Campbell) #2


So first, when you move your SonarQube instance to AWS that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to move the DB too. If you point your AWS SonarQube to your old database, everything should work just fine.

If you really want to move your DB too, then you’ll need the sales side to generate a new license key for you because when you switch DBs, a new server id is generated for the instance. I suspect the person you dealt with simply misunderstood the situation. Try again and let them know that you’ve migrated the database and your old license key no longer works and you need a new one.