Question - Deleting Quality Profiles


(Andy Lachapelle) #1


I am using SonarQube 7.0. (admitted newbie). We are starting to create custom quality profiles based on the built-ins, and some groups want to build a 2nd profile based on the custom profile. The question came up - what happens if you try to delete the custom parent? Will SQ prevent you from doing it because it has children or will it allow you do delete it? If so, does it re-apply the parent as the Sonar Way or does it make a mess?

Wanted to ask before I tried it and made a royal mess.

(Alexandre Frigout) #2

Hello Andy,

By deleting the parent QP you will also delete its descendants.
Sonarqube will only warn you of this but will not prevent you from doing it.


(Andy Lachapelle) #3

Thanks Alex I appreciate the response!!