Unable to remove orphaned quality profiles of plug-in's that were removed


  • Sonar 9.9 LTS
  • Helm chart deploy
  • Remove obsolete quality profiles
  • Tried to delete Quality Profiles with no rules left. Cannot change default QP and cannot remove QP

Quality profiles, of plug-in’s that are no longer used (removed from plugin folder) remain in the quality profile tab.

  • There is no way to change the default QP
  • There is no way to delete these QP

It would be useful if these orphaned quality profiles could be removed, in order to clean up the view.
These are obsolete quality profiles that not longer have rules, because the plug-in was removed

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Hi @rvf148,

Sorry for keeping you waiting on this topic.

We had some investigation and discussion internally a few months ago, which led to the creation of this ticket. However, I forgot to communicate it here. I can only apologize for that.

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