Delete Quality Profile form a project


Sonarqube version 9.2

I’m trying to delete a quality profile from a project, but where is the delete button plz ?
I only have a “Add new language” but how to delete the C++ Quality Profile for example ?

Thanks for your help

Hey there.

Can you confirm what you’re trying to accomplish by removing the Quality Profile? Is it to stop certain files from being analyzed?

Hey Colin.

Thanks for your fast answer.

What i want is to delete a quality profile, for example i don’t want any metrics on my xml files.
But how to delete this XML Quality Profile from my project plz.

You will need to narrow the focus to exclude XML files – this will effectively “remove” the Quality Profile from your project (which just means no XML files are being scanned).

Okey Colin, i’ll try thath, thanks for your help !
Have a nice day !

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