How to remove quality profile / language from a project

We are using SonarQube

I am trying to remove a quality profile for a language that isn’t present in the project.


there’s always one default quality profile for every language (Java, …) that can’t be removed.
If there are no files with a certain extension, the Quality Profile will not be applied, so there’s no problem !?

Can you tell a little bit more about your use case ?

If there are i.e. Java sources in a project and you don’t want them to be scanned, there are two ways.

Finally you may use a new empty quality profile with no rules included and assign it via
project setting.


If you manage the Quality Profiles in the project there’s a button that lets you add profiles for any language. Once that profile is added for the language, regardless of whether any files for that language exist or not you can’t remove the quality profile as far as I can tell.

You’re right, there’s only a method for adding a quality profile api/qualityprofiles/add_project but
not for deletion.

If you added a quality profile for a not related language in the project settings by accident it’s only
a ‘cosmetic problem’ as it will not be applied.

Also if you’re not adding any quality profile to the project the DEFAULT quality profiles are active globally.
Every default quality profile has this notice on it’s dashboard.

DEFAULT Every project not specifically associated with a Quality Profile will be associated to this one by default.