SonarQube using wrong quality profile

Using SonarQube 7.9

So, I created a custom quality profile for my project, and configured the project to use it:

But it’s not being used.

Is there something else I need to do?


Hello Jules,

Is your Quality Profile Navblue way? If true and as you shared in the Activity screenshot, it is being used since December 6th.
What makes you think it’s not used?



We fixed a bug about QP usage in SQ 7.9.2 (SONAR-12513: Last used date of quality profiles is no more updated).
Basically the QP is properly used during the analysis, only the Used date was never updated in the page you attached.

You should upgrade to 7.9.2 and you will be fine (after a project analysis ofc).

Let me know.

Thanks Antoine. I don’t think I can update the server, but as long as the quality profile is being used, that’s fine. Thanks for your help.