Sonarqube custom quality profile is applied across 97 projects but still in the Quality Profiles tab shows that the profile is never used

Sonarqube version: * Enterprise Edition Version 7.9 (build 26994)

Created custom quality profile with several rules activated.
Analysed 97 projects using the profile.
Go to quality profiles tab, I see the “used:Never” for that particular profile. I read about this issue with default profiles but i think now i see its fixed for default profiles but for custom profiles its showing never used.


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In general, screenshots of this kind of issue can be really helpful. In this particular case, tho I think I’ve already identified the issue. Its sounds like you’re suffering from this issue, which is fixed in 8.0 and 7.9.2:

SONAR-12513 - Last used date of quality profiles is no more updated


Thanks for the reply.
I have already seen the issue that was logged and it was related to the built-in profiles which were showing tags as never used. In my case, i have created my own quality profile which shows its never used. And also I am using the version 7.9.2 only. I can see now the built-in profiles so show the used time on the dashboard. Please look at the screenshot which shows the built-in profile used 53 minutes ago . The one i am using for my project still shows never used.


And just to make sure, can you also provide a screenshot from a project homepage showing that your profile was used in the analysis?