Question about <requirePlugins> in plugin packaging


The release of sonar-packaging-maven-plugin supports the <requirePlugins> tag in pom.xml and I’ve a question about this property.
The documentation page of the build plugin doesn’t explain this property. I can’t find more documentation.
I’ve just found an example here, showing only <requirePlugins>java:</requirePlugins>

My plugin requires the sonar-xml. At least the release I’ve put this line :

Is this syntax correct ?
Or should I precise the exact release like this xml: ? (and then what about the future releases ?)
Or the full name of the plugin like this sonar-xml:2.0.1 ? (I don’t think so regarding to the found example)
Can I put a wildcard like this xml:2.0.1.* ?
Or something else ?

Any help will be appreciated.


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Hi @ntiss

I have updated the documentation to cover this attribute, thanks for the feedback.

My plugin requires the sonar-xml. At least the release I’ve put this line :
Is this syntax correct ?


Wildcards are not supported, the version you give is a minimal version.

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Hi @Julien_HENRY Thank you very much for your reply.
I’ve seen that you’ve also updated the documentation. Nice ! :+1:

Hi @Julien_HENRY, I discovered this thread after searching the forums for the requirePlugins property. I’d had a look at the documentation first but I couldn’t find the exact key requirePlugins anywhere on the page. I expected this to be mentioned in the Advanced Build Properties section but a even a full-page search for the phrase requirePlugins doesn’t yield a result. Am I looking for the wrong thing or have your changes been overwritten somehow in the meantime?

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All the documentation links to the sonar-packaging-maven-plugin documentation lead to 404. Google and existing docs only lead me to issue tracker. Where can I find the documentation of sonar-packaging-maven-plugin?