Invalid classes included in sonar-xml-plugin JAR

I’m trying to build some legacy plugins with java11 using v of the sonar-xml-plugin.

Unfortunetely this JAR file seems to include classes of the javax.xml.* package

Unresolved compilation problems: 
	The package javax.xml is accessible from more than one module: <unnamed>, java.xml
	XMLConstants cannot be resolved to a variable

After java9 it’s not really allowed to include classes from this package outside of the “legal” distribution.

Are there plans to remove these classes from the JAR?

Hello @Alex_Alvarez,
I am not sure I understand the problem here.

  • Which plugins are you trying to build?
  • How are they related to sonar-xml?
  • Is the building of sonar-xml itself a problem? If so which part?

That would help us narrow down the issue and decide if there is something we should do about it.