SonarQube plugin for Maven

Hi everybody,
I am trying to have a SonarQube report about a pretty big Java project. This project compiles with Maven and it has a lot of dependencies. On the internet, I’ve seen that there is a plugin to insert in the build tag of the main pom.xml file to have the report.


I thought about the properties and I also inserted the URL and the login key.
Then I typed in command line and the main repository .

mvn sonar:sonar

The problem is that I have a report only about modules of this pom.xml files. It means that there is not the inheritance just like other plugins. Here is my question : Does anyone know what did I missed ? I’ve been looking on the internet and every website says that I don’t need to specify any inheritance.

Thanks for helping, thanks for reading,
Have a nice day

Hey there.

Just to make sure I fully understand your question, are only pom.xml file being analyzed? Or is there some other behavior?

And, as the template post mentions, please tell us what version of SonarQube you’re using (it’s in the footer of your SonarQube instance)


Well, actually no. Here is what is getting analyzed. I can’t tell you why those java files have been analyzed and not the other ones.


I am using SonarQube Sorry I didn’t mention.