Quality summary widget not displaying on pull requests in bitbucket cloud

The widget on the repository home DOES display as usual and a call to https://bitbucket.org/!api/internal/connect/modules/{1af48e06-f5ac-4de3-abdd-3aa47a255fc2} responds with 200 from this location


Per the FAQ, are you using any browser ad blocking extentions or anything else that would interfere with the call?


No, double-checked by running chrome.exe with --disable-extensions. Of note, the same api call works fine from the repository home page, just not on the pull request page (as noted in the original description).

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Hi @ebqa,

Can you share your Teamcity CI configuration which you use to run the analysis?


There is no problem scanning - scanning works just fine and the sonar report posts back to the PR in bitbucket.org just fine, so there is a link and status in the builds section for sonar results as well as the SonarCloud Code Analysis in the Reports section. It’s just the summary widget at the top of the PR page that no longer displays.

Hi @ebqa,

I understand that it is working. I wanted to try to simulate your use case.
Can you tell me what the call to https://sonarcloud.io/integration/bitbucketcloud/pr_widget_data returns when you open the PR page?

Oh, gotcha. https://sonarcloud.io/integration/bitbucketcloud/pr_widget_data does not get called when opening a pr page.

Here you go:

dotnet sonarscanner begin     
&& dotnet build 
&& dotnet test --no-build --no-restore 
&& dotnet sonarscanner end /d:sonar.login="$sonartoken" 

Hi Erik,

Per our private conversation, there seem to be no errors in our logs concerning your project. So, as suggested, please try re-installing the SonarCloud integration on Bitbucket to fix the issue.


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