PR analysis not showing up in Bitbucket analysis widget

We use Sonarcloud in combination with the Sonar plugin on Bitbucket pipelines.
A couple of days ago, the analysis of our PR branches stopped showing up in our Bitbucket pipeline analysis widget. The widget says “Not analyzed on SonarCloud yet…” even though the PR analysis correctly shows up on Sonarcloud itself.

I don’t see any WebHooks in SonarCloud. Did you accidentally deleted those on your part?

We’re using a private plan, so please contact me for more information.


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Wanted to second that we are seeing this issue as well.

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We did a recent update to the Bitbucket widget, and it seems like there is a bug in there.
We are currently trying to reproduce it.

In the meantime, could you share here if you see any network error in the developer console of your browser when loading the page with the widget ?

And if you see this issue on an open source project don’t hesitate to share links here with us.

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Having the same issue and seeing a 404 for the following request etc.

If I try and load the request in a new tab I get

{"errors":[{"msg":"An unexpected error occurred. Please try again later."}]}

We are also noticing this for our pull-requests. We have a private repo and would be happy to share info if you reach out to us.


We found the bug which affects short-lived branch analyses. We are currently working on fixing it and will let you know when it’s done.




The fix of the Bitbucket widget has been finished and deployed today. Sorry for the inconvenience.


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It’s still not working for me.
Now, I get the below

{"errors":[{"msg":"Pull Request not found"}]}

I can confirm the issue was resolved on our part.
Thanks for the help!


@Alvin_Chew Since we deployed the fix, the url that you shared changed, maybe you still have some old stuff in you cache ?

Thanks I’ll run on incognito and test

Hi @Gregoire_Aubert - I am also facing similar issue , url formed from bitbucket is

and getting Pull Request not found in response so bitbucket state under Code Quality as

Not analyzed on SonarCloud yet…

Hello Neha,

Seems like there is the correct parameters in the url. The values are missing but I assume it’s because you sanitized it before sharing. Can you tell me if all the parameters are filled correctly ? Or is there any missing ?

Also if your project is public could you share it’s SonarCloud url so that we can investigate ? Otherwise I can reach out privately to share the information.

Hi @Gregoire_Aubert - Yes parameters are getting correctly filled and i shared after sanitizing. And yes project is not public so you can guide me on steps to check separately and i can check those if anything missing.

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I have yet to solve me issue. Mine is on a private repo too. anyway you can guide me or help me to solve the issue?

I’m not sure how to fix this

Hello @Alvin_Chew,

To fix your issue, you can follow the steps described here:


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