Bitbucket PR widget link to "see all issues" is broken

We are using Bitbucket cloud integrated with SonarCloud via the SonarCloud widget.

Our build server is Bamboo server which is the ones that sends the data from the branch for analysis at build time.

In a PR, the SonarCloud widget displays. When the user clicks on “see all issues on SonarCloud” the page that opens displays the following error:

The requested project does not exist.

Either it has never been analyzed successfully or it has been deleted.

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Is this a known issue? Is there a workaround?


Can you copy-paste the URL that you click on inside the widget? I suspect that you are facing a bug that we’ve noticed recently.

Thanks, at the moment, we are getting some clean PRs (no issues found by SonarCloud)
I’ll paste a link as soon as I encounter an issue.