Quality gate decorating - Azure devops

Pull request with 85% of quality gate is not decorating the PR with the gate passing
Had this issue in the past, and was fixed on your end.

See the original thread where the issue happened identically as of now

As you can see here, the quality gate is not being marked as passed

But in sonar, it shows as completely successful

It was fixed after x hours, but today we are again with that issue which is actually blocking from us developing more code :frowning:

I checked the status page, and there is a reported issue the 7th of may, which matches identically our issue but is marked as resolved, and no current incident is shown


Could you provide some details about your CI? Is it self-hosted? And if so, where?


Hi !

Azure hosted agents running with the macOS-latest image
But we are also now experiencing it with the windows-latest image now

The project is an Angular monolith project running on angular 17


Are you self-hosted?

And if so, from where?


Hi again,

Could you also provide

  • a task ID from the background task
  • your org and project ID



Can I share the projectID / org ? Are these infos harmless ?
Also, the task ID could you point me into how to find it ?
In the logs of sonar, I only find a “server id”


In the SonarCloud UI, go to (project) Administration → Background Tasks.

In the task column, you’ll see the project name, the task type and the task ID.

And yes, sharing org and project ID should be harmless.


I’m part of Miguel’s team, so here’s the information you asked for:

  • We’re not self-hosted, we’re using Microsoft-Hosted agents
  • Since Miguel posted his message, all our Pull Requests have the issue regardless of the agent OS Type (Linux, Windows, MacOS)
  • Here are a someTask IDs from different projects impacted by the issue: AY-6_P6UG5BTKlLQInxb, AY-6k-pApcH3z9Vs7_Zf

For now I worked around the issue by making the gates “optional” instead of “mandatory” for our pull requests. Which isn’t ideal because I have to update all branch policies manually.

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Hello again,
just a message to let you know that we managed to fix the issue. The problem was on our side: an expired PAT token prevented the gates from being updated properly.


Thank you for confirming @marcl :pray: