Azure devops - Sonar quality gate not matching Status Check

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  • ALM used - Azure DevOps

  • CI system used - Azure DevOps

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  • Languages of the repository - Angular / TS / HTML / SCSS

  • Only if the SonarCloud project is public, the URL ( Private )

  • Error observed - No errors other than the quality gate does not match the status check configured in azure devops

  • Steps to reproduce - Dont know…

  • Potential workaround - Dont know…

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UPDATE - FYI This issue happens in several projects of our organization
Also, this started happening from today without any change in our configuration


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To be clear, what you’re experiencing is

  • on full analyses (not pull requests)
  • analysis succeeds
  • the Quality Gate status is not reported

Is that correct?


Hi ! Thanks for coming back to me.

No, in fact what we have is a blocking “Status check” on “sonar quality gate” in our pull requests where the gate needs to be successful

Since today, even if the sonar analysis reports successful (when opening the analysis on sonar cloud), the status check does not match the gate being successful ( as shown in the screenshot ) and all our pull requests remain blocked because of that

As you can see here we have this status check as required to make sure the quality gate passes on PRs to this branch

But then the PR does not match that quality gate

Even if in the PR indeed it actually worked and reported the state of that gate as successful

We are getting the same issue: Quality Gate keeps on Waiting status and the PR never gets its success or failure.
We are also using Sonar Cloud and private repos. It stopped working without any config changes. We’ve already updated & validated all tokens between Azure DevOps and Sonar Cloud but the problem persists.


Pipeline Extensions Tab:

Hi @mmonteirocl,

Thanks for the detail. You’re being affected by this incident:


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Thanks for the clarity about it ! I was not aware of that announcement you posted !
Kind regards :slight_smile:

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