Sonarcloud Azure DevOPS quality gate still broken


Shortly after the fix for this issue “Azure DevOps + Unbound repos PR decoration incident”, the issue with Azure DevOPS quality gate came back (only worked for about a day or so). The results of the Sonarcloud analysis are sent to Sonarcloud correctly, but Sonarcloud isn’t able to update the quality gate on Azure DevOPS. The information of our configuration are below.

  • ALM used: Azure DevOps
  • CI system used: Azure DevOps
  • Scanner command used: (private details masked)

  • Languages of the repository: .NET 7
  • SonarCloud Url: (private)
  • Error observed: Quality gate doesn’t update

  • Steps to reproduce: Run the scan
  • Potential workaround: none

Command logs: (any way to share those privately? There’s over 1500 line of logs, and hiding info would take a lot of time)

We still experience the same issue for our private Azure DevOps repo.


Today’s run still has this issue.

Is there any way to share the execution logs privately?


I reached out to you with a private message to request some confidential information in order for me to have a look at the failure.

Any update on this?

The issue of @Francis was resolved yesterday.

We were able to diagnose on our side that when we try to create a new status on the PR we receive a 401 Unauthorized response from Azure DevOps. My suspicion was that the access rights at the PAT were not fully configured. All GET calls to Azure DevOps were successful, only the POST call to create a status was unauthorized. I asked @Francis to double-check whether the configured had the appropriate write rights.

The token did have the correct rights on their side, and was displayed as valid on SonarCloud.

@Francis ended up generating a fully new PAT and storing this PAT on both the Organization settings, and for each project under General Settings > Pull Requests. This ended up resolving the issue. Could you check if the same approach would work for you @Lootvoet?

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Hey @TomVanBraband
I forgot that I had to store the PAT under Pull Request settings as well.
This resolved my issue.

Thank you!


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