Pull request decoration fails silently

We observed that if connectivity from SonarqQube(SQ) server to the AzureDevOps(ADO) server is broken for some reason, pull request get stuck because SQ no more able to update the status on PR.
We can see following error
2022.02.03 10:07:19 INFO ce[AX6_DW3LbeMNceZAtyLd][o.s.c.t.p.a.p.PostProjectAnalysisTasksExecutor] Webhooks | globalWebhooks=0 | projectWebhooks=0 | status=SUCCESS | time=1ms
2022.02.03 10:07:19 WARN ce[AX6_DW3LbeMNceZAtyLd][c.s.F.D.D.C] Pull Request decoration failed: Invalid personal access token

It was bit difficult to know what’s happening exactly as PR build was green and PR quality gate was also green in SQ.
I think we have a bug or improvement scenario here. I understand, in this case we cannot update PR as link itself is broken but can we update PR quality gate status? May be something like PR could not be decorated because of XYZ failure. Please check logs.

This will certainly save lot of time and frustration as in our case almost all the PR got stuck.

SQ Version: Developer Edition.
Steps to reproduce: I don’t have any as this was intermittent failure because of internal issues.


@ganncamp Is this something you can look into?

Hey @Rahul_Mahulkar,

Thank you for reporting this.

In SQ 9.5 we’ve included more detailed logs for failing ADO connections (tracked in SONAR-15064).

Would it be possible for you to upgrade to 9.5, and share the logs that you get when trigger PR Decoration?


We have recently migrated on 9.7 version so cant test this in few days time. I hope this is fine.

Rahul Mahulkar