SonarCloud pull request status is not being displayed on the ALM

  • ALM used: Azure DevOps

  • CI system used: Azure DevOps

  • Scanner command used when applicable (private details masked)
    Using the SonarCloud Azure DevOps extensions
    Project and Organization are bound:

  • Languages of the repository: C#, TypeScript, YAML, etc

  • Only if the SonarCloud project is public, the URL: PRIVATE

  • And if you need help with pull request decoration, then the URL to the PR too
    Yes, we need help with the pull request decoration but on a private project.

  • Error observed
    All of a sudden PR decoration stopped working and the PRs are now stuck at being able to pass the Sonar gates.
    Simple pipeline setup that used to work.
    All tasks still pass, but the response is not being posted back/received on the DevOps side so that it can mark the pull request ok to be completed.

Here’s a redacted response for one of our PRs.

  • Potential workaround
    None found. We have gone through the other topics similar to this one and have:
  • Reset the Service Connection
  • Reset and reconfigured a new PAT
  • Tried configuring the project with a PAT
  • Tried recreating the Azure DevOps Status Check Policy
  • Ran the pipeline with Debug information on.
  • Checked that Enable IP Conditional Access policy validation on non-interactive flow is Off in DevOps
  • Searched the web for other people experiencing the same issue, or if there’s trouble with SonarClound, but your status page reports everything alright.

Unfortunately none of the above worked or got us a solution. Can you please assist with resolving the issue? We’ve got a lot of PRs stuck at the moment and I believe the list is just going to get bigger.

Logs from the analyze logs. If you want one with extra debug info, please let me know.
analyze logs.txt (27.6 KB)

Many thanks,
Alex P.


Can confirm this is also an issue with us, at some point this morning Azure DevOps has stopped decorating the PRs with the SonarCloud status. Everything looks fine in SonarCloud, the analysis has run ok, but the pull request statuses are not being updated.



We’re having the same issue. Quality gate is passing in SonarCloud and the background task is completing successfully but the quality gate is stuck at waiting in Azure Devops.

We’ve tried regenerating the PAT, and also added the PAT at the project level as well as the organisation level but the problem is still occurring.

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Confirming we’re seeing the same issue as above

Have also reset the PAT token in Azure DevOps and updated this within SonarCloud, as well as refreshing the token in SonarCloud and updating the service connection in Azure DevOps.
Seeing the issue still.

I’ve contacted some of the people/sales staff we had contact with when purchasing, to see if it can get along to the support/dev team there, will feedback if I hear anything through that route.


Can also confirm it does not work on our projects. Resetting all tokens and double checking permissions did not seem to fix the issue. Will be watching this thread…

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We are experiencing the same issue.
Will be watching the thread as well

I have also reported this issue. It seems to be the same. and it’s not only related to azure.

On my end, we had to remove the Sonarcloud Code Analysis check from github → so now we have no quality gate at all.

Watching closely this thread.

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This has also affected us all day. I have tried resetting the PAT, but still the same. Is anyone from Sonar looking into this issue?

Same issues here…

We are getting blocked by this issue. Sonar team, please provide an update.

Template for a good new topic, formatted with Markdown:

  • ALM used : GitHub
  • CI system used : Github Actions
  • Scanner command used when : Sonar-Scanner
  • Languages of the repository : Javascript / Typwscript
  • Steps to reproduce : every PR of the whole organization fall in waiting status.
  • Potential workaround : can’t see any workaround

Our teams are reporting this issue since this morning (18 Sept 2023 10am).
This issue is likely starting to occur sometime between last Friday (15 Sept 2023) and this morning (18 Sept 2023). On our end, no change at all during the weekend.

  • Test on CI have all passed, the sonar scan is completed, the quality gate is green.
  • Github does not receive the status from SonarCloud. So every PR is blocked, waiting for the SonarCloud to report back.
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Same issue with azure devops quality gate :frowning:

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I integrated SonarCloud into my three repositories, but suddenly today, the Sonar quality gate status is not appearing in Azure PR. It has been stuck on ‘waiting’ for a long time, and I have tried re-queue multiple times. I have also verified that my PAT token is valid.

@Akash_Grover This seems to be the same issue as SonarCloud Stuck in ‘Waiting’ for Azure DevOps , where multiple people are reporting this issue. Could you post there as well?

Hi all,

I’ve combined related threads here, so that everyone gets the same update. :slight_smile:

We noticed a problem with this a couple hours ago and fixed it about an hour ago (sorry for the late notice).

It may take a while to work through the existing backlog, but feel free to cancel your current jobs and restart them.

Ann & the SonarCloud team

Thanks for your reply.
waiting for confirmation of the fix.


I have re-queue and recreate the PR. But issue still the same!!!


Issue is still persisting after multiple requeues of our pipelines in Azure DevOps.

Hi @paras & @entropic,

Our monitoring doesn’t see any current failures in the system and our test runs have returned successfully.

Can I get you each to create a new thread & provide all your details, including how you run analysis?


Done so, here’s the thread: Azure DevOps Quality Gate not decorating pull requests - SonarCloud - Sonar Community (

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