Publish Quality Gate Result broken with latest update (5.14)

All of our Azure DevOps pipelines that include the Publish Quality Gate Result task are failing since the latest update.

##[error][SQ] Unable to find report task file.
##[error]Invalid or missing task report. Check that the analysis finished successfully.

SonarQube Enterprise v9.9, deployed via zip.
SonarQube Extension in Azure DevOps v5.14 updated automatically yesterday
Tasks were succeeding prior to this latest update.

We are suffering the same on this on ours, was working fine a few days ago.

SonarQubeAnalyze 5.14.0
SonarQubePublish version 5.1.0

Our .Net projects and pipelines are running fine. But this Typescript project is failing not sure if its a language issue

@rybowdenAccess (et al).
After reaching out to support and generating a detailed log of the build pipeline, we found that the Prepare and Run Analysis tasks in the pipeline were set to v4. Once I updated those tasks to v5 to match the Publish Quality Gate Result task, the pipeline succeeded without issue.

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Might be worth testing if this works for you:

- task: SonarQubeAnalyze@5.13.0

Depends on the full nature of your issue - we’re seeing issues only with SonarQubeAnalyze when using 5.14.0 but passing with 5.13.0

ah our prepare task was set to 4 so likely the issue running now. Cheers :slight_smile:

Update: All working now. thank you for letting us know

Hi there,

An update has been done for SonarQube extension, should be rolled out anytime soon.

To test the fix properly, you should see the following versions in the pipeline :
SonarQubePrepare - 5.15.0
SonarQubeAnalyze - 5.15.0
SonarQubePublish - 5.2.0

Hope that mitigates the issue.

Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience.

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