Sonarqube publish quality gate task failure in azure devops due to updation of run code analysis task version from 4.19 to 4.20

Sonarqube version - 7.9
Sonarqube Scanner - 7.9
azure devops sonarqube extension
the sonarqube integration with azure devops was working fine until the updation of version from 4.19 to 4.20 for run code analysis task
SInce the publish quality gate was failing tried increasing the max_Allowed_packet for report publish.

Please look into this issue as it is of high priority for my project

Hi @Anurenjini78 , welcome to the community.

Can you please provide a debug log of the failing task please ?


Please find the attached logs

Was you analysis successfull in the previous Run Code Analysis task ?

Are you able to see it in your Background tasks menu of your SonarQube instance ?

Yea it was successful till April 28th.
Below is the background task logs.

Ok so it appears that this task has fail somehow. Is it shown lilke this in the SonarQube UI ?

It is shown like this in SonarQube background tasks.
Could please help me solve this issue as early as possible.

Hi @Anurenjini78,

What are your memory settings ?

Can you increase by any chance (at least temporarily) the amount of memory assigned to the Compute Engine process and see if it helps?

I had done the same and it is working fine now.