Latest update breaks "Publish Quality Gate Result"

The “Run Code Analysis” task is executed correctly and reports to sonarcloud but the quality gates throws an error. This breaks all our pipelines.
The error is bellow:
##[error][SQ] Unable to find report task file.
##[error]Invalid or missing task report. Check that the analysis finished successfully.

Hi @Mihai_Gheorghe

Can you please share your pipeline configuration please ? Is it a multi-stage pipeline ?
Can you please share both Prepare analysis and Publish quality gate results logs, preferably in debug mode ? I can PM you if you prefer to send them privately.

Thank you.

It is a multi stage pipeline
I can tell you that until version 1.11.3 we got a warning “##[warning]No analyses found in this build! Please check your build configuration.”
Version 1.12.0 in the same pipeline had those errors

Please PM me for private logs