Project visibility by users

(Routavarvas ) #1

Version 6.7.6 (build 38781)

I am trying to limit project visibility by users
example I have user_A and user_B (and admin
i have project 1,2,3,4,5
I want user_A to see projects 1,2,3
and user_B to see project 4 and 5
(admin ofcource sees all)

I have created groups(A an B) and placed users in those.
I have permission templates,but I have not found way to connect users/groups to permission template.
I have tried create scanning codes using user_A and user_B but when running it gives “insufisien priviledges” but codes created by admin works fine.

(G Ann Campbell) #2


This is a question of who has Browse permissions on the project. You can administer that project by project via project Administration > Permissions, or you can create a permission template. Permission templates are applied to projects automatically when those projects are created. If you want to subsequently (re)apply a template, you must do so manually - there is no relationship between a project and a permissions template after project creation.

You can apply a permissions template to an existing project either from Administration > Projects > Management or through the individual project’s Administration > Permissions.


(Routavarvas ) #3

how can you add users/group to project or permission template?
at moment all projects have sonar-users and sonar-administrators groups in permission view.
but I have not find out how to add user to it. or how to add user/group to permission template.

(G Ann Campbell) #4


If you click on the cog at the end of the row, you should see the option to edit:



(Routavarvas ) #6

When I select “edit permissions”, template is opened. but I have not found way to add users or group to that template.

(G Ann Campbell) #7


Use the search input to look for the users/groups you want to add, then click their checkboxes.


(Routavarvas ) #8

Huge thank you for help, I got it working.