Restrict users to only projects within their project template

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    I want to restrict users of groups to only see and have access to projects that have the project key that their permission templates allow them to.
    I have a project:
    Name: test_project
    Project Key: TEST

Permission template Project Key Pattern: test|TEST.*

A user within the group that has permissions within this permission template can perform the actions that the permissions allow but a user within a group where this permission template does not apply to can also:

see the project,
view the issues,
view the security reports,
view the measures,
view the code,
view the activity history.

Is there a way i can restrict users to not even see projects with a key that their groups permission template does not apply to?

Permission template

I see the public option is set by default.

I’m going to set it to private and see if that’s the solution i’m looking for.

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