Project Page customization In SonarQube 8

I am Using version sonarQube 8.x Community edition.
And I want to see more unit tests result in specific metrics.
In the community edition is there a way to customize the project page?
@ganncamp please help me with this…

Hi @Dhinakar_P,

I am not @ganncamp but I hope you find my answer as worthy.

To us, the most meaningful test-related metric is coverage. I’m curious what other valuable metrics you’re also hoping to see?

You cannot customize the project overview, but you may add a custom page scoped to projects, which would add it as a menu item at the project level. For the details, see this page in our docs.

Hope this helps!


Thanks, @Jeff_Zapotoczny for ur answer. It means a lot to me. I meant metrics are like charts(pie/bar) against the unit tests. So do we have API in sonarQube 8.x for getting test results?