SQ 8.9 LTS and new project Overview page


We did some first tries with the new SQ 8.9 LTS version. Is there a possibility to go back to the old project Overview page?

Unfortunately, our users do not like the new view. It seems somehow empty and unfinished and the information cannot be gathered at a glance like on the old page. Also, it was always very helpful to have the trend of the metric values displayed graphically.


Hi Günter and thanks for the feedback. It’s not possible to go back to the old version.

Could you elaborate on which information you are missing?

You can still access theses graph in the Activity tab

Hi Pierre,

thanks for your answer.

Why is it still possible to switch in SonarCloud but not in SonarQube?

The purpose of an overview page is to present all essential information at a glance, which was the case with SQ 7.9 LTS. With SQ 8.9 LTS you can get the information somehow but only with additional mouse clicks. For all essential metrics, the time history was also visible immediately, but now I have to select that individually. In our opinion, this is a step backwards.

If you wanted to focus on release-ability, you should have created an additional page with that name and focus. Now it’s kind of a lazy compromise and definitely not an overview page anymore.


Another problem: In normal browser windows only the MEASURES part is visible, to see the ACTIVITY part you have to scroll the window.