Customize main view in sonar


(Michał Rymarczyk) #1


we are using your SonarQube tool to inspect our code in Java

Unfortunately, we faced some little problems with main view of sonar.

  1. Our main view in sonar (included in attachement) show us overall project line coverage - is
    it possible to customize it to show branch coverage or other project metric instead of overall
    line coverage. We have created Quality Gates (included in attachement) which check condition
    coverage over leak period.

    Maybe you can help us with solution.

Best Regards,
Mike Rymarczyk

(G Ann Campbell) #2

Hi Mike,

I think you’re looking for the New Code Perspective:



(Michał Rymarczyk) #3

Hi Ann,

You’ve got right (in my sonar it is called leak

) but we want to customize it, because we use condition coverage instead of line coverage and we want to show users condition coverage statistics because we think it is better metric.


(G Ann Campbell) #4


There’s no way to customize the contents of the cards.


(Michał Rymarczyk) #5

Thanks for answer.