Choose coverage metric shown on homepage

In the project overview Sonar shows its own definition of coverage for each project.
We don’t care about sonars definition of coverage, we care about condition coverage.

Would be very handsome if I could configure which coverage type is shown on the summary screens.

Kind regards,

Hi Michael,

The coverage as defined here is also a criteria of the default Quality Gate and the measure used in the Projects page to quickly understand and filter your projects.
It aims to provide a common and as much accurate as possible measure for the quality of your projects, whether you get condition coverage information or not.

To be able to better understand your request, can you please clarify if you are using SonarQube or SonarCloud? Do you use the same technology for all your projects?


Hi Christophe,

we use SonarQube. Most projects are based on Java and/or Typescript, but in all cases we are only interested in condition coverage. So for us it would be important to have a Sonarqube general setting which coverage type to use on the overview page.

Kind regards,