Is it possible to have the coverage on overview show condition coverage instead of line coverage?

Is there any way to change the coverage shown on the dashboard for a project from line coverage to condition coverage? We’re currently using SonarQube 8.9.0.

I don’t see any way to control what gets displayed on the dashboard.



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Sorry, but the project homepage is not configurable.


Thanks. Is there a way to add that as a feature request? Even if it is just switching the coverage displayed on the homepage from Line coverage to Decision coverage, that would meet my need. I don’t need more configuration than that right now.


Could you explain why you need this?


Two reasons:

  1. That is the metric we choose to track
  2. Some of the tools we use (most notably Bullseye) do not provide line coverage number, only decision coverage. So that number is wildly inaccurate.

Edit: Oh, and having that very inaccurate number on the home page causes questions to be asked even after I show people how to see the decision coverage.

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In our organisation we chose to disregard line coverage completely and instead use condition coverage.
At the moment there is no way to quickly get an overview of the status of the projects regarding this metric.
It would be insanely useful to just be able to switch line coverage with condition coverage on the dashboard.
I also believe that the current display is even misleading because it does not specify which coverage is displayed: line or condition