Coverage overview

Good Afternoon SonarQube,

I would like to make a request for expanding the coverage ability.

Currentely im using gcov and gcovr to generate SonarQube coverage reports.
This all works fine except, when im generating a html-details report using gcovr I get the following usefull output in my Jenkins toolchain

Whats great about it that it shows me which variable condition has been hit or not been hit.

When I double check the coverage report for SonarQube I see this in the project coverage

This is the exact same code if check but the above screenshot ( example) shows which variable has been hit and what needs to be checked. While in SonarQube it tells me 2 of 4 conditions are checked.
But it doenst tell me which of the 2 of the 4 are checked.

To figure this out without the above condition I would need to debug my tests or make correct usefull assertions names and run my tests and check all the log output.

So SonarQube isnt making it more easy for us. While I think it should make it more easier for us :slight_smile:

The SonarQube coverage looks like

I bet it wont be easy to change it, but It would be awesome.

I would like to see a improvement in the Coverage feature to be able to show which conditions/ branches are hit to be able to make it easier to find missing tests.

I think it could be very usefull.