Project hierarchy - having multiple sub projects


I’m helping teams to use SonarCloud within our organization. To be able to do this as efficient as possible, I’ve used an approach to define groups, add members, create projects and assign the group permissions.

Most project however, have the solution split into an API project / Front End project in multiple repositories. And I would like to be able to administratively group these together.

At the moment I have no idea how to set this up in one single project, and would like to define some sort of sub projects, so that the administration is much simpler e.g.;

Project X - group permissions
subproject: Backend
subproject: API

Is this possible and how?

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it’s not possible to group projects into a single “top” project, but here are some hints on how to more easily manage the permissions for your case:

  • I would “group” all the projects belonging to the same “functional” scope using tags
    • For instance, “Backend” and “API” are tagged with “project-x”
    • This way, it’s easier to find them
  • At org level, I would create groups for each functional project, and use them on each of the sub-projects
    • For instance, I would create “project-x-admins” and “project-x-devs” groups
    • And I would use those groups on the “project-x” tagged projects



Hi Fabrice,

This helps me with the goals I had. The setup for the security groups was indeed already something I did as an improvement.

Maybe for other users, I’ve added different tags to the projects using sonarcloud. The tags can be used as a query parameter which is awesome, I’m now able to share a direct link for the team to only view their data.[name]/projects?sort=analysis_date&tags=[name]

Thanks a lot!

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