Grouping project by naming conventions and linking it to the Group permissions

Hello Team,

we created our organization with bitbucket.

We are using sonarcloud and trying to configure it and looking for suggestions on it. We have different development teams, each team will have many repositories (one for each service) and each repository will be created as one project in sonar cloud.
I would like to somehow group all the projects of each team and want to link them with the their group permission
for example -
we have a mobile team and they have 10 repositories - each repository will create one project in sonar-cloud to analyze
I created a permission - group “mobile” for mobile team in sonar cloud and that group got all mobile developers as members
now I want all members in “mobile group” should only see the projects which starts with a string “mob” in their project name
Is there any way I can achieve this with property tags ?

Hello @yamini,

We do not have support for this use-case, and as far as I know it is not on our radar.
Could you expand on your usecase in the suggest new feature category detailing why you would like this behaviour and how you would use it in practice.


Thank you Tom ,

I will raise one now,

Our use case is :

We have 8 development teams and all want to use the sonarqube, we want each development team to see only there projects. Each team will create their sonar cloud project with a prefix, prefix will
be short name of their team. I some how want to use regex expression to restrict seeing one team project by other teams.
is there any way to restrict each team seeing other team projects ?