Group in group support

(sander) #1


I would love to have a simple option to add:

  1. A group to a group
  2. Members of a group to a group

We are using SonarCloud and are now at 500K lines of code coverage, with 8 teams and loving the interface, teams are using it more and more.

As the administrator for the instance, I’ve using groups to reflect a team to make sure it’s easy to add/remove users for a project. Recently, the organization has been restructured, and now groups should be able to see the projects of other groups.

(Fabrice Bellingard) #2

Hi Sander,

Which ALM suite are you using? Azure DevOps, GitHub or Bitbucket Cloud?

(sander) #3

Azure DevOps

(Fabrice Bellingard) #4

Thanks for the answer.

This is quite an advanced use case that you’re describing here. And I’d like to get into deeper details to see if there’s not something we could do to support this better.

I guess that on Azure DevOps side, you are already managing groups to configure and secure access to the project repositories, right? I’m asking the question because in the end, I feel that the best solution would be for you to not have to “duplicate” those permissions inside SonarCloud. In other words, if that’d be possible, it would probably be more interesting that SonarCloud relies on the existing Azure DevOps groups to know who can access a project and who can not. WDYT?